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Created by thiago on 2024-02-23 17:24:00

Who I am

I have been professionally coding since 2000, building systems that are both rock-solid and lightning-fast. Backend, low-latency, distributed systems, writing libraries and more, squeezing the most out of the programming languages, such as C++, Rust and Java.

I love tackling complex challenges and creating innovative solutions. In the past I designed and helped implementing an AWS service, Market Data components for a stock exchange, databases and messaging systems. I'm all about pushing boundaries and getting things done right.

A bit of a programming language nerd, throughout my career, I used (professionally and personally) many different programming languages, such as C++, C, Rust, Lua, Assembly, Go, SML, Erlang, Basic, VB, C#, Java, Lisp, Racket, Haskel, Ruby, Python, Pascal, JavaScript and many more (including some exoteric ones)

Am I a robot or just boring?

Despite my identification with Data, I am not.

When I'm not coding, you will find me:


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